679 34 - Knínice u Boskovic 184 - CZ
  IČO: 46251766   DIČ: CZ480405434


Our fleet is represented by 15 own modern lories for domestic and international transport. 14 of them were bought from Swedish company VOLVO, which is well-known for many years for its reliability, very good technical quality and it’s one of the best companies working in this specialization. Last lorry was bought from Czech company ŠKODA – Xena, which belongs among nowadays top companies producing domestic lories. Thanks to engine – original from american company DD – can fully compete with worldwide companies. All lories in our company were bought with attention to maximum possible weight and capacity, so that we are able to fulfil all high requests of our customers to their full satisfaction.

All lories are equipped by special units – for Austria ( GO – Boxem ), for Germany (Toll Colect), for Czech Republic (Premid), which allow automatic collecting of toll on motorways in mentioned countries.

The payment of the toll is effected within 14 days by force of tanking card. Thanks to it, we save long time spend by waiting of our driver to get to payment terminals, and therefore the time for delivery of the goods is much shorter than usual and we avoid to any delays caused by long waiting to make payments manually.

List of our lories:

Car makeTypeLicense plateYear of production
ŠKODA19,47 TB/DDBKA 62-741999
VOLVOFH 12 42T2B709822004
VOLVOFH 12 42T3B227242005
VOLVOFH 12 42T3B774362006
VOLVOFH 12 42T3B766592006
VOLVOFH 12 42T4B195252007
VOLVOFH 42T B4B992792007
VOLVOFH 42T B5B009102008
VOLVOFH 42T B5B010242008
VOLVOFH 42T B8B400722012
VOLVOFH 42T B8B400732012
VOLVOFH 42T B8B961412013
VOLVOFH 42T B9B425262013
VOLVOFH 42T B8B958632014
VOLVOFH 42T B8B958642014