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Our Services

Company Tempo Trans s.r.o. offers the following services:

» Professional and quality service in haulage provided by standard camions.
» International haulage.
» Domestic haulage.
» Transport of all consignments according to your requests, including transport of hazardous     goods as per agreement ADR in accord with valid legislation.

The consignments are transported with high carefulness and in as short delivery time as possible. All consignments are also insured as per International agreement CMR. The insurance is agreed with ČSOB and fully covers all the risks in case of partial damage, complete damage as well as stolen of the consignment. Insurance policy is valid in whole Europe and standardly covers the risks up to 10.000.000,-Kč.

We are standardly providing imports and exports, especially to:

» France
» Belgium
» Holland
» Germany
» Czech Republic
» Slovakia
» Austria
» Hungaria
» EU...

We are registered at the following companies:

» Toll Collect - toll for lories in Germany.
» GO Mautsystem - toll for lories in Austria.
» Premid - toll for lories in Czech Republic.

In case that the consignment for transport is to large and our capacity would not be able to magage it, we will arrange for contractual carrier. Thanks to close cooperation with holland-czech spedition NUNNER, we are able to arrange even the transport of smaller consignments in relation Belgium and Holland or even Germany and Austria.